Where I stand

Change for a Better Future!  Your Voice, Your Choice! 

Our mission: Defeat the NDP and bring back common sense in 2019.

As a Conservative, I am proud and excited to be running for the provincial United Conservative Party’s nomination in the Calgary-Beddington riding. I am a committed and loyal team player who will help Jason Kenney's strong UCP team bring common sense government back to Alberta. 

As part of the UCP team lead by Jason Kenney, I know we can bring back prosperity and inspire our next generation.

As your MLA, I will:


Make sure privilege and entitlement are a thing of the past. I will bring to the Legislature all of my professionalism and experience, which is not limited to just one sector of the economy. 

Make Alberta once again the best place to work and raise a family. I look forward to working with Jason Kenney and the entire UCP team to re-invigorate the natural-resource industry and bring back the Alberta Advantage.

Work to repeal the carbon tax. I will help Alberta stand against the Trudeau government and reverse the damage it has caused. The NDP and Trudeau policies are a burden on corporations, small businesses and everyday Albertans.

Promote a limited, efficient and well-functioning government. The government’s role is not to command the lives of individuals but to fight for people’s opportunity to improve their economic outlook. 

Help create job opportunities for young Calgarians, Albertans and those left behind during the economic downturn. I have seen too many friends and neighbours lose their jobs and struggle with debt. Our government must stop destroying the foundations of our prosperity.  

Fight to create public-private partnerships to employ the 45-60 age group. According to Statistics Canada, this group makes up 25% of the unemployed in Alberta. This is a valuable group of experienced people who could be productive again while transferring their skills to the next generation of Albertans. 


Are you with me?

To do all this, I hope you will come and join me.

Please help my nomination campaign if you can, by donating your volunteer time or financial support, at www.josephinepon.ca/donate

I look forward to serving you and our treasured community. Let’s work together to defeat the harmful and incompetent NDP government and instead have a UCP government that will work hard for all Albertans!

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