Why I'm running


To bring a positive change to Albertans' lives, it will help to have a representative with solid experience of real life. I want to make sure that our province again has a common-sense government accountable to everyday Albertans.

I am an immigrant who has proudly made Alberta my home. I am the mother of a young son who is now starting his own life. It breaks my heart to see the devastation inflicted on Albertans' lives by Rachel Notley's self-obsessed NDP.

I have worked in the finance, small business, and non-profit sectors, always fighting to make things better for regular Albertans. This experience gives me strong knowledge of how regular folks live and how hard they struggle for their families and kids.

You deserve a government that works for you, not against you!



My desire to make people's lives better has guided me into volunteer and non-profit work for years, including with our UCP party and with Jason Kenney's campaigns. After 20 years as a strong businesswoman and community advocate, I stand ready to fight for everyday Albertans in Calgary-Beddington.

The current economy does not support pressures such as the carbon tax and increases in minimum wage. The unemployment rate is still high and people are having difficulty to spend for their basic needs and services, and it is because of the poor shape the economy is facing today.

Did you know?
In February, the unemployment rate in Alberta was 6.7%. This is above the national average of 5.8% (data from Statistics Canada).

As your MLA, I will listen to the community members and businesses to find ways to improve the economy. I will ensure the province increases the number of programs and grants available to small businesses and entrepreneurs. I believe it’s important to attract more investors, create jobs and provide training opportunities for Albertans.



I will do my part to restore the Alberta Advantage that has long made our province's way of life the envy of Canada and the world. Sadly, the NDP has destroyed our province's advantage.

Did you know?
In March 2018, the NDP released a budget that had Alberta in a $96 billion debt by 2023. That is unacceptable! This type of irresponsible and uncontrolled government spending has a huge negative impact to our province.

I want Alberta to be prosperous and compassionate. While advocating for a sustainable and productive economy, I will oppose placing any unnecessary debt and environmental burdens on our future generations.



As a female immigrant in a leadership position, I passionately believe in being a role model for the next generation of women in advocating and making necessary changes.

We are all equal in our skills and abilities to build this province. In any corporation, it is important to have diversity and inclusion at all levels. Woman can lead and serve in politics with confidence. Together with our motivation, passion and skills, we can build a better Alberta!

I’m completing my master’s degree in business management this year. Life-long learning is essential. I strive to be an example and role model to my son and others.

As a woman leader in the business and non-profit sector, I believe in contributing to the success of this province. In 2019, I will be an effective member of the provincial government. I am highly motivated and committed to show that Canada has opportunities for anyone who chooses to step up to the plate.


Are you with me?

Let's bring back conservative fiscal values together. Vote for me as your UCP candidate in Calgary-Beddington. Only UCP members can vote! If you're not a member, please contact me to get your membership

Who is eligible to be a member?

Membership in the UCP will consist of all who are ordinarily residents of Alberta who:
• are at least 14 years of age;
• indicate their intention to join the UCP by personally authorizing an application for membership in the UCP;
• support the principles of the UCP; and
• have paid the prescribed membership fee, personally or through an immediate family member (spouse, parent or child).

As proof of membership, an Albertan will either hold a valid official current membership card of the UCP issued in his or her name or be on the UCP’s official membership list.

(Eligible member information from UCP)

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